Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Fun at the 2011 NY Comic Con

The following gallery of shots is from days 2-4 of last weekend's enormous NY Comic Con at Manhattan's Jacob Javits Center, and they show Jimmy and Amanda in the midst of meeting and greeting with the fans while absorbing the adulation of their public. Also, you get to see several instances of Amanda's celebrated drawing skills as demonstrated live, so check these out:

From Friday's "Comics, Hollywood-What Creators Need to Know" panel. (L-R) renowned television writer Jane Espenson, writer/photographer/marketer Buddy Scalera, lawyer Ken Levine, Jimy Palmiotti.

No lazy doodlin' there!

In progress: an A.C. Power Girl sketch.

An historical note: this is Greg Wright the editor who gave Amanda her fist job at Marvel back in the days. You have him to thank for introducing our girl to the majors.

A.C. sketches Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.

A fan cosplays the A.C. version of Terra.

A.C. draws Donna Troy.

Amanda Conner sketches Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Jimmy Pamiotti sketches Frank Castle, aka the Punisher.

A.C. sketches Zatanna.

An A.C. sketch of Jimmy Olsen, as done for a fan.

The artist at work.

Cartooning chix on the loose: Amanda Conner and the legendary Mary Wilshire.

Taking a pause for the cause.

A.C. adds Power Girl to a fan's board of different characters drawn by different artists.

Amanda Conner sketches for her fans. Note the size of the line; that went on unabated for hours.

Catwoman in progress.

A.C. sketches Psylocke.

A.C. adds Power Girl to a fan's board of characters.

Model/Actress Zoe La Bella poses with the A.C.-drawn book cover that features her likeness and, er, cartoon "enhancements."

A.C. and Zoe La Bella.

A.C. sketches Poison Ivy for a fan.

Note how pleased the fan who commissioned the sketch is.

Three A.C. fans.

A certain resemblance to A.C.'s version of Catwoman is noted.

A.C. meets and greets.

Jimmy meets the media.

A selection of some of A.C.s prints.

Ya gotta love the '60's design aesthetic on the logo and its placement.

From start to finish: Amanda draws Power Girl for a longtime fan.

Voila! The finished piece.

Another ultra-pleased fan with his newly-minted piece of original art.

And the moment the Power Girl piece was done, it was time for a media interview. Ah, popularity...

With closing time on the show's final day fast approaching, A.C. sketches the Black Canary for a fan.

Note the white highlights around the Canary's gloves so the viewer can clearly see the black gloves as separate from the equally black suit.

The finished piece.

The finished piece and the happy fan: the perfect coda to an epic convention appearance.

A.C., Jimmy, and their old pal Joanne, as respectfully saluted by Jay while on the way out.


  1. Thank you for posting the pictures and Amanda for the wonderful Black Canary sketch she did for me during the last hour of NYCC. I very much appreciated it. It was a pleasure meet you all.

  2. How many drawings did Amanda do in one day?

  3. Looks like a busy day, awesome, and thanks for sharing the in process pics too.

  4. That is the best Jimmy Olsen has even looked, and I can't believe it's actually mine. It really is my highlight of the entire con. Amanda is just too much awesome.

  5. @Giant Squid, Amanda's output varied from drawing to drawing and the relative complexity thereof, but I would say probably between seven and nine per day. I'll ask her and get back to you.