Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Minor Delay (but the wait'll be worth it!)

Dear Paperfilms supporters-

There will be more coverage from the gang's appearances as the NY Comic Con last weekend, but the remaining photos just need a wee bit of digital tightening before they get posted. That said, the wait will not be long and I assure you it will be worth it. Ever wondered what Amanda Conner's at-con sketching process looks like? Well, you're gonna find out in up-close and personal detail, and until then here's a wee taste to tide ya over (double click to embiggen):

You'll get to see several other on-site works straight from A.C.'s terrifically talented hands, but this one was chronicled from the second she put pen to paper through to the gorgeous completed version seen here, so get ready, kiddies! (Jimmy will be visible as well, but much of the visual focus here will be on A.C.'s scribblin' skills.)

Thank you for your patience and continued interest and support!

-Yer Administrator

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