Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time for some 'Random Acts of Violence'

RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE: a heartwarming exploration of deep emotional introspection and Oscar Wilde-esque wit...Yeah, right!

If you, like several of the Paperfilms crew, came of age in the 1980's, you could not possibly have missed the whole "slasher movie" phenomenon — Jason, Freddy, Michael Meyers, and suchlike — a genre that enjoyed box office ubiquity from the beginning of the decade and went on to become a part of our American horror culture and pop culture in general. The slasher sub-genre's influence never died out and its modern descendants continue to delight audiences by giving its audience exactly what it wants: some crazed, sharp object-wielding madman, more often than not hulking and possessed of superhuman strength and nigh-invulnerability, reducing assorted folks to blood-spewing chutney.

Paperfilms' Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have scribed the contemporary slasher graphic novel Random Acts of Violence (that I admittedly have not yet read, therefore I can't chime in with my own armchair analysis) that receives considerable love from the folks over at Comics Forge, and what love it is! Read it for yourself here.

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