Wednesday, February 29, 2012

YouTube video: Amanda Conner draws the Silk Spectre

Other than to state that it was shot at the recent Mega Con, this one speaks for itself, so check this out:

(posted to YouTube by aganej2)

Jimmy and Amanda weigh in on the demolition of Tampa Bay shoreline landmarks.

"They blowed up REAL good!!!"

From the "not exactly what one would expect to find on what's ostensibly a comics-related blog, but anything is possible" department, go here to see our Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner provide deep analysis on the allure of destruction for a local Florida TV news report. I swear you just can't make this stuff up.

"...And 'BOOM!' goes the dynamite!"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terrific analysis of 'The Ray' #3 from Crisis on Infinite Midlives

If you're bored with comics reviewers who don't approach their critical tasks with same verve they apply when discussing their four-color interests with pals over several rounds of stiff drinks, you are strongly urged to check out the review of THE RAY #3 found over at CRISIS ON INFINITE MIDLIVES. Lively, amusing and dead on the money, it can be experienced here.

A short and sweet review of 'The Ray' #3 at Outer Realm Comics

Like the headline says, the review is short but sweet, so head here to peep it.

'The Ray' #3 receives an 8/10 rating from CraveOnline

More kudos for the latest installment of THE RAY, this time from CRAVE ONLINE, and you can read it here.

Comicosity beams about 'The Ray' #3

COMICOSITY weighs in on the latest issue of THE RAY and cites that it "embodies everything that the New 52 is doing right." But don't take out word for it, head here to peruse the kind words.

Science lauds 'All-Star Western' #6

Once again, SCIENCE FICTION.COM gushes over ALL-STAR WESTERN and you can read the love letter for yourself here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

IGN's Freddy Freeman weighs in on 'The Ray' #3

Another IGN review for THE RAY #3 can be read here, so head on over!

Another 'Triggergirl 6' teaser

Comicosity posted a teaser for TRIGGERGIRL 6 here and it gives a drop more info than what was posted on this site earlier this week. Nonetheless, the upcoming Creator Owned Heroes project remains something of a mystery. As previously advised, STAY TUNED...

More on 'All-Star Western' #6 at iFanboy

iFanboy cites ALL-STAR WESTERN #6 in its weekly recap of "The Best of the Week in Panels," but I won't spoil their choice by posting it on this blog. Nope, you've gotta go here and scroll down to see it...

IGN reviews "All-Star Western' #6

IGN weighs in on ALL-STAR WESTERN #6 here, and any review that shows appreciation for backup feature THE BARBARY GHOST and its illustrator, Phil Winslade, is okay by me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A 9.0 for 'The Ray' #3 at Multiversity Comics

While awarding THE RAY #3 a near-perfect score, MULTIVERSITY COMICS takes time to shower well-earned kudos onto the book's art team of penciler Jamal Igle, inker Rich Perotta and colorist Guy Major. (Jimmy and Justin are also cited but it's nice to see the sometimes overlooked art guys given considerable love.) Head over here for the rave.

CBR weighs in on 'The Ray' #3

THE RAY #3 hit the stands yesterday and now the reviews are rolling in, starting with one over at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES (or CBR, for you abbreviation-hipsters). Go here to receive the verdict.

iFanboy gives 'All-Star Western' #6 some thoughtful criticism...

iFANBOY examines the latest issue of ALL-STAR WESTERN and makes a few pointed criticisms, but still grants the art a 4 and the story a 5, with the top possible score in both categories being a 5, so that's nothing to sneeze at. Head here to peep the points made.

Comic Vine weighs in on 'All-Star Western" #6

One of the many cool things about the COMIC VINE site is their division of its critiques into simply "The Good," "The Bad" and "The Verdict," which conveniently allows you to waste no time in finding out whether the comic you're curious about is a load of crap or not. Let's just say that their opinion this time around falls squarely into the "not" camp, so head here to get the skinny. Oh, and there's more kudos for THE BARBARY GHOST, so if you dig the character and her quest for vengeance, let DC hear your voice. You're the fans, dammit, and you're the ones making them all that money, so don't be afraid to speak up in favor of comics that don't suck!

The Barbary Ghost: planting a flaming arrow right in the tired ass of lame comics. (art by the one and only Phil Winslade)

'All-Star Western" #6 reviewed at A Comic Book Blog

The reviews for ALL-STAR WESTERN #6 have started to post and the kudos shown over at A COMIC BLOG is quite heartening. (I, your humble administrator, am especially pleased to see the praise bestowed upon THE BARBARY GHOST backup feature.) Anyway, read the particulars here.

'The Art of Amanda Conner' — Update

Just a wee update to let you know that the release date on THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER has been pushed back to the end of March, but that's nothing to be concerned about. As previously stated, this handsome hardcover edition is a handsome hardcover career retrospective featuring tons of artwork and anecdotes straight from Amanda herself, so you know it's exactly what her fans have been waiting for. Trust your humble site administrator and rest assured the book is well worth the wait. Pre-order your copy here!

A Wee Teaser

Other than "Stay Tuned," I ain't sayin' nuthin'. Yet...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'All-Star Western" #6 and 'The Ray' #3 are out today!

A subtle reminder:




That is all. Thank you.

"The Ray' #3 is out tomorrow!

THE RAY #3 is out tomorrow, so make it a point to drop by your local comics shop and snap that puppy up!

Writer Frank Tieri swells the paperfilms ranks!

Frank Tieri: comics writer, general miscreant and the latest addition to the Paperfilms cabal.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Frank Tieri has joined the Paperfilms forces and here's what Jimmy Palmiotti has to say on that:

We are happy to add Frank to our Paperfilms group. We have been friends and have worked together for years, and take great pride adding someone with such incredible talent and diversity. This seemed like the most natural thing to do, especially after adding Captain Brooklyn to our roster of projects coming out of Paperfilms this year. Franks experience in comics and video games gives us just another opportunity to expand the creative end of our business.

Justin Gray weighs in with:

The best thing about Paperfilms is collaborating with people you not only respect for their work and creativity, but can also call friends. I’ve known Frank for many years and it’s great to see his talent added to the Paperfilms family.

And, lastly, the official press release:

Frank Tieri is an award winning writer working in comics, video games, animation and television. He has writen for Marvel's top selling fighting game of all time-- MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3-- as well as its follow-up, ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3. He is also a writer for the upcoming ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN cartoon.

In comics, he is probably best known for his nearly 3 year run on WOLVERINE and has also worked on some of the biggest franchises in the industry including X-MEN, IRON MAN, DEADPOOL, HULK, SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, PUNISHER & THE AVENGERS for Marvel, BATMAN, THE OUTSIDERS & JSA for DC and THE DARKNESS for TOP COW. He has also been involved in many of the comic industry’s biggest events, such as Marvel’s CIVIL WAR, WORLD WAR HULK DARK REIGN & FEAR ITSELF for Marvel and DC’s COUNTDOWN and BATMAN RIP.

So join us in welcoming Frank to the ranks, for what is sure to be a fruitful creative union! More info to come on exactly what he'll be doing as things get cookin', but there's the upcoming CAPTAIN BROOKLYN for starters, so stay tuned!

"All-Star Western' #6 is out tomorrow!

(cover art by Ladron)

Yeah, I know I just put up a link to an art preview for this issue that mentions it's due out tomorrow, but a wee reminder all its own doesn't necessarily hurt. ALL-STAR WESTERN #6 is due out tomorrow — 2/22 — so add "drop by the comics shop" to you daily "to do" list! (And I don't know about you, but I'm I'm anxious to read more of what the Barbary Ghost is up to. I'm down with Jonah Hex but I'm grooving on what the new kid in the book's bringing to the table!)

'All-Star Western" #6 previewed at Comicosity

(cover art by Ladron)

ALL-STAR WESTERN #6 — due out tomorrow — is previewed over at COMICOSITY and what's there to be seen is mouth-watering indeed! Click here to check it out (and don't forget to hit the comics shop tomorrow).

Scoop's Mondo Media on 'The New West' being optioned for film

The Mondo Media column over at SCOOP drops more on the Jimmy Palmiotti-scripted THE NEW WEST, so head over here to peep it. Not!!!

Jimmy Pamiotti on MegaCon's New 52 panel

This past weekend's MegaCon in Orlando, Florida found our Jimmy Palmiotti on the Dan DiDio-moderated New 52 panel, where he and other creatives discussed the process and reasoning behind the relaunching DC Comics' entire line from the ground up. All of that can be found on the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE and there's a lot covered, so put on your reading glasses and head here for the particulars.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gray and Palmiotti on 'Night of the Owls' at Gotham Knights Online

More light is shed upon ALL-STAR WESTERN's connection to the upcoming "Night of the Owls" line-wide crossover in the Batman books at the Batman-centric GOTHAM KNIGHTS ONLINE site, and co-scripters Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are only too happy to provide the skinny to eager readers. Click here to read the latest!

More 'Night of the Owls'/'All-Star Western' crossover info at The Outhouse

Coverage of the ALL-STAR WESTERN tie-in with upcoming "Night of the Owls" Batman line crossover continues over at THE OUTHOUSE, with illuminating interview quotes from ALL-STAR WESTERN co-scripters Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. Click here to follow the latest!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Empire Online strikes back with more 'New West' movie info

As promised, we're keeping you posted as the info on the just-announced obtaining of the screen rights to the Jimmy Palmiotti-scripted THE NEW WEST by BenderSpink accumulates, and a bit more can be had from EMPIRE ONLINE. Click here to learn more about the production company and some of their past high-profile projects.

Go 'West' at the Hollywood Reporter

The 2005 Jimmy Palmiotti-scripted THE NEW WEST mini-series is being optioned for screen treatment and the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has the pertinent info here. (Don't worry, we'll keep you up to date on this project as at develops further.)

This notification's a little late due to an oversight, but...

This week's LISTEN TO JIMMY podcast is up and running here, so head on over and get an earful!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Palmiotti and Gray get ready to flex some 'American Muscle'

Info is sparse but Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are teaming with artist Kevin Mellon (and possibly two other contributors) for the upcoming American Muscle. Bleeding Cool has what little is known of this project here...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Turning on the Owl Signal with Gray & Palmiotti at Comic Book Resources

Our Jimmy and Justin and their plans for All-Star Western are spotlighted in a revealing interview over at Comic Book Resources. As you no doubt know from reading All-Star Western — and if you aren't reading it, your only excuse is that you must be long deceased — our critically acclaimed co-scripters have taken butt-ugly bounty hunter Jonah Hex and placed him in the lawless Gotham City of the Old West, and now DC Comics is about to launch the first crossover event of the New 52 reboot, "Night of the Owls," which spans all of the company's Batman titles. Though Bats will likely not be spending some of his vast wealth to commission a time machine so he can hang with Jonah for some shots of dodgy whiskey at some scurvy saloon, All-Star Western will provide a companion piece to the event and explore the early days of Gotham's clandestine Court of Owls. Follow this link to read it all for yourself.

Monday, February 13, 2012

'All-Star Western' #9 solicitation listing

The critically acclaimed old West action with Jonah Hex rides on, accompanied by another gorgeous Ladronn cover! NOTE: this issue serves as a companion piece to the upcoming "Night of the Owls" crossover spanning the line of Batman books, so keep that in mind when picking this up at the shops.

Cover by LADRONN
On sale MAY 23 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+
• A tie-in to “NIGHT OF THE OWLS!”
• Concluding JONAH HEX’S battle with THE AUGUST 7!
• Discover what the Court of Owls was up to in GOTHAM CITY circa 1880!
• NIGHTHAWK and CINNAMON hunt down killers and fall in love in this issue’s backup story.

'G.I. Combat' #1 solicitation listing

DC Comics' latest war anthology, the all-new version of G.I. Combat, makes its debut in May and features Unknown Soldier, scripted by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Dan Panosion. Keep in mind that the book also features The War That Time Forgot, so don't let the fact that there are bunch of rampaging dinosaurs on the cover of a war comic confuse you! Here's the info:

1:25 Variant cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI
On sale MAY 2 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.
• First issue of an ongoing series!
• Featuring the first chapter of “WAR THAT TIME FORGOT” written by J.T. KRUL and with art by ARIEL OLIVETTI….and dinosaurs!
• Plus: The first chapter of “UNKNOWN SOLDIER” by JUSTIN GRAY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI and artist DAN PANOSIAN focuses on all-out war in Afghanistan!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amanda Conner's Power Girl toilet seat is the $#!+

Comic Book Resources' Robot 6 posts a link to convention photos of "reprobate with a pencil" Amanda Conner, and includes this terrific Power Girl toilet seat. (Take it from someone who's known A.C.'s sense of humor for quite some time, this piece is fully indicative of her sophisticated, Wilde-like japery.) It should also be noted that this lid is part of an impressive gallery of throne covers illustrated by many comics pros (including a Jimmy Palmiotti Jonah Hex seat), and the gallery is indeed a feast for the eyes, so go to the Comic Book Resources post and follow the links found there.

Jimmy Palmiotti expounds on intellectual property (and other stuff) at Expert Comics

The ever-prolific Jimmy Palmiotti is interviewed in considerable depth over at Expert Comics, and it's quite an illuminating read. Follow this link to get to the good stuff.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Geeks of Doom examines the upcoming 'Before Watchmen' minis and enthusiastically anticipates Amanda Conner's 'Silk Spectre'

Geeks of Doom provides readers with a very detailed overview of the upcoming Before Watchmen books and has very enthusiastic things to say about Silk Spectre, thanks to that mini's pairing of writer Darwyn Cook (DC: The New Frontier) and Paperfilm's own stellar illustrator, Amanda Conner. Follow this link to find out what's what.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex weighs in on the upcoming 'Before Watchmen' project

Cover for Silk Spectre #1 (art by Amanda Conner)

As predicted, the media avalanche has begun in earnest, so go here to read Hero Complex's overview of the Before Watchmen project.

'Before Watchmen' promo art at Primary

While we're certainly excited about Amanda Conner's contribution to DC Comics' Before Watchmen project — the upcoming four-issue Silk Spectre, written by Eisner Award-winner Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier) — we thought you might like a look at the promo art for all seven of the related mini-series. You can see all of it over at Primary

STOP THE PRESSES! Amanda Conner to draw four-issue 'Watchmen' prequel, 'Silk Spectre'

The rumors have been simmering for a while but now it can be told: Amanda Conner will be illustrating Silk Spectre, one of the seven upcoming Before Watchmen prequel mini-series from DC Comics. With a script by Eisner Award-winning writer/illustrator Darwyn Cooke (Parker: The Hunter) and Amanda's signature stellar artwork, this four-issue mini looks to be one of the year's most potential-filled and anticipated comics.

There's sure to be an avalanche of media coverage on this, so here's the first salvo from Entertainment Weekly. And be sure to stayed tuned to this blog for more news as it happens!