Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another showing of love for 'All-Star Western' #4

The kudos bandwagon for All-Star Western Western #4 rolls on over at A Comic Book Blog, so go here for the good word.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comic Vine weighs in on 'All-Star Western" #4

Head on over to Comic Vine, where they granted All-Star Western #4 a most righteous 4.5 out of a possible 5. You may be detecting a pattern here, so once you read the review, run on down your local comics shop, plunk your hard-earned shekels on the counter, and let Gray, Palmiotti, Moritat, and Winslade drop you off in the hardscrabble Gotham City at yore for another lashing of good old Western shoot-'em-ups and ass-whuppings with your old pal, Jonah Hex.

iFanboy gives 'All-Star Western' #4 a solid 5 out of 5

The first of the reviews for the latest issue of All-Star Western has come in over at iFanboy, and what more need be said other than one cannot argue with a perfect score? Go here to find out just what makes All-Star Western #4 such a winner.

'All-Star Western' #4 on sale this Wednesday!

Don't forget to head out to the comics shop today and pick up the latest issue of the critically acclaimed ALL-STAR WESTERN! It's the fourth issue and the steamroller of western-era thrills keeps rolling on unabated, so what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moritat speaks over at Comic Book Resources

Red-hot All-Star Western artist Moritat is given the spotlight over at Comic book Resources, and he uses that forum to expound upon his artistic process, his involvement with All-Star Western, comics in general, and an explanation of where his pen name comes from. Go here to read the goodness.

Friday, December 23, 2011

More ART OF AMANDA CONNER: Power Girl's curves of steel

In anticipation of the upcoming collected edition, THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER, the gallery of our intrepid pencil-jockey's work continues with some of her signature work on DC Comics's zaftig bruiser, Power Girl.

If ever there were a textbook case of an artist taking a pre-existing and somewhat marginal character and making it their own, it's Amanda's working relationship with Power Girl. Originally created as an analog of Supergirl, only from one of DC's plethora of alternate Earths, for much of her four-color career the character's sole defining attribute was her rather impressive bosom (thank you for that, Wally Wood!). But in the hands of scripter Jimmy Palmiotti and with Amanda as illustrator, Power Girl took on an unprecedented life upon the page, literally bursting with character in ways to match her equally bursting double-D cups.

Power Girl, displaying some of the patented expressive Conner visual language.

Winsome, aggressive, and more well-defined as a viable entity than many of her contemporaries, Amanda's take on Power Girl won both the character and her artist a burgeoning cult following that's constantly represented at conventions by enthusiastic fans. Perhaps the most fun and unexpected aspect of Power Girl's newfound cult status is that she has become a favorite choice to be portrayed in the alluringly-real flesh by cosplayers who proudly adorn themselves in the character's gear, complete with the most cleavage-exposing d├ęcolletage in the annals of American comics.

Power Girl — as embodied by cosplayer extraordinaire, Amber Love — meets her illustrator and makes with the noogies.

For more on Amanda's work on Power Girl and her illuminating thoughts on the subject, be sure to snag yourself a copy of THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER, coming in January 2012 from Desperado and IDW, and available for pre-order from Amazon.

An Amanda fan's treasure trove.

Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Chicks Review Comics sink their teeth into 'The Ray' #1

If you can overlook the pronunciation of "Palmiotti" as "Palmalotti," the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast has a lot to say in favor of The Ray #1. Go here for the podcast.

'The Ray' #1 scores a 9 out of a possible 10 at Newsarama

Newsarama weighs in with its verdict on The Ray #1 and the decision is quite favorable indeed. Go here and read the blush-inducing praise for yourself.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Comics Nexus gives love to 'The Ray' #1 (despite it being "horribly offensive and sexist against men")

Comics Nexus weighs in on the digital version of The Ray #1 and gets extra points for including the following statement about the book's content:

"I find this comic horribly offensive and sexist against men. The main character is naked through the entire comic, and has a ridiculously toned body. I am disgusted and dismayed that in this day and age, DC Comics has such a backwards view of males in comics, and treats them like total cheesecake. You should be ashamed of yourself, DC!!"

Never let it be said that comics reviewers don't have a well-honed sense of sarcasm. That nugget of wisdom, and more, can be enjoyed here.

'The Ray' shines over at Comic Book Resources

The kudos marches on with Comic Book Resources' review of The Ray #1 and you can check it out for yourself here.

More on 'The Ray' #1 over at DC Universe: The Source

Co-scripters Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti discuss their new mini-series, The Ray, over at DC Comics' own blog, giving the readers the basics on what they can expect and ruminating on the inevitable "light" puns that come with the territory. You can read all of this here.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Coming this January!

Just come right out and admit it. You love Amanda Conner's artwork. There are few cartoonists working in the biz who imbue each and every image they craft with even an iota of the sheer character and personality that Amanda brings to the page, and even fewer who do so in such a visually appealing way, coupled with a seemingly effortless ability to communicate a visual narrative. The gal has paid her dues, and then some, and her talent is finally getting the recognition it has long deserved with the release of the upcoming THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER from Desperado and IDW, due out at the end of January 2012 and available for pre-order from good ol' Amazon. The book covers A.C.'s career from Day One and graces the reader with a cornucopia of her output, ranging from the pre-pro days up through her critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite work on POWER GIRL (among many others). So, in order to lead up to the book's release, this blog will be running samplings of the lovely Amanda's scribblings, all of which are found in the collection. First up, her classic cover for the GREEN ARROW AND BLACK CANARY WEDDING SPECIAL (2007) and a stunning multi-character scene from the story itself.

The classic cover, which even has cosplaying fans who impersonate it at conventions.

Unbridled mayhem and ass-whuppings handed out by a superheroine in a wedding dress inspired by Vera Ellen's as seen in the "Mandy" number from WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954)... Yeah, just another day in the mind of Amanda Conner.

Stay tuned for more previews!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Four stars for 'The Ray' #1 at Comic Vine

The plaudits keep on coming, as Comic Vine bestows four stars (out of a possible five) upon The Ray #1. You can read the review for yourself here, but you've seen what the team of Gray and Palmiotti can craft when it comes to scripting, so you're more than read for this latest blast from the boys.

IGN weighs in on 'The Ray' #1

With the release of any new comics series, the reviews inevitably follow, and IGN has rendered its verdict on the first issue of The Ray, the latest co-scripting effort from Paperfilms' Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. Go here to get the skinny, and then run out and scoop up your copy before you miss out!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"The Ray' #1 is out today!

The first issue of the Palmiotti/Gray-scribed, Jamal Igle-drawn The Ray hits the shops today, so get out there and snag your copy now!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The team-up you've been waiting for: Palmiotti, Gulacy...and Elvis?!!?

The King in one of his '70's-era outfits, directly inspired by — believe it or not — the beloved Captain Marvel Junior comics of his youth.

"Wait a minute," I hear you say. "I came here looking for the latest info on what the Paperfilms gang is up to, and I get a picture of Elvis Presley? What the eff?!!?" Well, what the eff is going on is that our own tireless scripter, Jimmy Palmiotti, has teamed up with legendary Master of Kung Fu illustrator Paul Gulacy for a piece in the upcoming Graphic Elvis, from Liquid Comics and Elvis Presley Enterprises. The book will examine and celebrate how the humble boy from Tupelo, Mississippi who grew up to be rock 'n' roll's most enduring legend was inspired in many aspects of his life and career by his love of comic books, especially those featuring Captain Marvel Junior. (If you ever wondered what was going through Elvis's head when he strode the stage in the latter portion of his storied career while dressed like a good ol' boy escapee from an old Fawcett comic book, now you know.) It's been nearly thirty-five years since the King left us and one would think there was imply nothing more to wring from the tapestry of his life that hadn't long ago been milked away by eager biographers and chroniclers of pop culture minutia, but this aspect, of particular significance to those who are fascinated by how the culture of comics has unexpectedly — or more to the point, unexaminedly — cross-pollinated with and affected both American and world pop culture, has been given rather short shrift. Until now. Go to USA Today Comics to read more on what is sure to be a fascinating and visually stimulating tribute to one of the twentieth century's most indelible icons and how his unabashed comics geekery helped change the world.

Delving deeper into 'Queen Crab' at Multiversity Comics

(art by Artiz Eiguren)

Multiversity Comics turns its spotlight on writer Jimmy Palmiotti's first solo-scripted graphic novel, the upcoming Queen Crab from Image Comics, and Jimmy fills us in on the whole project, along with answering the burning question of "Just who the hell is this artist, Artiz Eiguren, anyway?" Go here to be further enlightened.

Up close and personal with Jimmy Palmiotti and 'Queen Crab'

(art by Artiz Eiguren)

As the release of Queen Crab approaches, Girls Read Comics Too sits down for a heartfelt one-on-one chat with its writer, Jimmy Palmiotti. Head on over here to read it and I defy you to come away from the interview un-intrigued...

Monday, December 5, 2011

A stroll down Memory Lane with spurs-a-jinglin': The Street Savvy looks at the Top Ten Jonah Hex Stories

Speaking as one who knows, one of the most fun things about being a passionate comics fan is the inevitable debate over which stories relating to specific characters (or groups of characters) are the cream of the crop, and often those debates have led to long and bloody wars where, when the smoke clears, the heads of vanquished dissenters are often displayed on pikes as both a trophy and a warning. More often than not, the stories pondered involve spandex-adorned super-types and the merits of the plethora of "Crisis on Secret Infinite Reboot Wars" churned out by the majors, but every once in a while attention will be focused on a more "niche" character or series, and that's when things get interesting. It's the unexpected discussion of series that comics readers may not have encountered or simply had no prior interest in reading that can broaden one's four-color horizons, and The Street Savvy contributes to the dialogue with their call on the Top Ten Jonah Hex Stories by our Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, plus they have the consideration to clearly state which collected editions the cited stories can be found in for ease of obtainment. This highly recommended article can be found here, so head on over and re-live — or maybe discover — some of everyone's favorite unsavory bounty-hunter's gravest hits.

'All-Star Western" comes in at #1 on Inside Pulse's Comics Nexus ranking of the Top 5 (and a half) books in the DC relaunch

If you read this site with regularity, you have no doubt followed the now four-months-in relaunch of DC Comics' line with "the New 52" and seen how All-Star Western, by virtue of its creative team's efforts and sheer moxie, has gone on to become one of its most critically-acclaimed entries. So is it really any surprise that Inside Pulse' Comics Nexus ranks it at #1 among the avalanche of relaunch books? Head on over to the website to see their assessment and please feel free to write in with your own feedback on what other series give All-Star Western a run for its money.