Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The team-up you've been waiting for: Palmiotti, Gulacy...and Elvis?!!?

The King in one of his '70's-era outfits, directly inspired by — believe it or not — the beloved Captain Marvel Junior comics of his youth.

"Wait a minute," I hear you say. "I came here looking for the latest info on what the Paperfilms gang is up to, and I get a picture of Elvis Presley? What the eff?!!?" Well, what the eff is going on is that our own tireless scripter, Jimmy Palmiotti, has teamed up with legendary Master of Kung Fu illustrator Paul Gulacy for a piece in the upcoming Graphic Elvis, from Liquid Comics and Elvis Presley Enterprises. The book will examine and celebrate how the humble boy from Tupelo, Mississippi who grew up to be rock 'n' roll's most enduring legend was inspired in many aspects of his life and career by his love of comic books, especially those featuring Captain Marvel Junior. (If you ever wondered what was going through Elvis's head when he strode the stage in the latter portion of his storied career while dressed like a good ol' boy escapee from an old Fawcett comic book, now you know.) It's been nearly thirty-five years since the King left us and one would think there was imply nothing more to wring from the tapestry of his life that hadn't long ago been milked away by eager biographers and chroniclers of pop culture minutia, but this aspect, of particular significance to those who are fascinated by how the culture of comics has unexpectedly — or more to the point, unexaminedly — cross-pollinated with and affected both American and world pop culture, has been given rather short shrift. Until now. Go to USA Today Comics to read more on what is sure to be a fascinating and visually stimulating tribute to one of the twentieth century's most indelible icons and how his unabashed comics geekery helped change the world.

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