Monday, December 5, 2011

A stroll down Memory Lane with spurs-a-jinglin': The Street Savvy looks at the Top Ten Jonah Hex Stories

Speaking as one who knows, one of the most fun things about being a passionate comics fan is the inevitable debate over which stories relating to specific characters (or groups of characters) are the cream of the crop, and often those debates have led to long and bloody wars where, when the smoke clears, the heads of vanquished dissenters are often displayed on pikes as both a trophy and a warning. More often than not, the stories pondered involve spandex-adorned super-types and the merits of the plethora of "Crisis on Secret Infinite Reboot Wars" churned out by the majors, but every once in a while attention will be focused on a more "niche" character or series, and that's when things get interesting. It's the unexpected discussion of series that comics readers may not have encountered or simply had no prior interest in reading that can broaden one's four-color horizons, and The Street Savvy contributes to the dialogue with their call on the Top Ten Jonah Hex Stories by our Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, plus they have the consideration to clearly state which collected editions the cited stories can be found in for ease of obtainment. This highly recommended article can be found here, so head on over and re-live — or maybe discover — some of everyone's favorite unsavory bounty-hunter's gravest hits.

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