Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic Vine weighs in on 'All-Star Western" #6

One of the many cool things about the COMIC VINE site is their division of its critiques into simply "The Good," "The Bad" and "The Verdict," which conveniently allows you to waste no time in finding out whether the comic you're curious about is a load of crap or not. Let's just say that their opinion this time around falls squarely into the "not" camp, so head here to get the skinny. Oh, and there's more kudos for THE BARBARY GHOST, so if you dig the character and her quest for vengeance, let DC hear your voice. You're the fans, dammit, and you're the ones making them all that money, so don't be afraid to speak up in favor of comics that don't suck!

The Barbary Ghost: planting a flaming arrow right in the tired ass of lame comics. (art by the one and only Phil Winslade)

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