Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Turning on the Owl Signal with Gray & Palmiotti at Comic Book Resources

Our Jimmy and Justin and their plans for All-Star Western are spotlighted in a revealing interview over at Comic Book Resources. As you no doubt know from reading All-Star Western — and if you aren't reading it, your only excuse is that you must be long deceased — our critically acclaimed co-scripters have taken butt-ugly bounty hunter Jonah Hex and placed him in the lawless Gotham City of the Old West, and now DC Comics is about to launch the first crossover event of the New 52 reboot, "Night of the Owls," which spans all of the company's Batman titles. Though Bats will likely not be spending some of his vast wealth to commission a time machine so he can hang with Jonah for some shots of dodgy whiskey at some scurvy saloon, All-Star Western will provide a companion piece to the event and explore the early days of Gotham's clandestine Court of Owls. Follow this link to read it all for yourself.

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