Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writer Frank Tieri swells the paperfilms ranks!

Frank Tieri: comics writer, general miscreant and the latest addition to the Paperfilms cabal.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Frank Tieri has joined the Paperfilms forces and here's what Jimmy Palmiotti has to say on that:

We are happy to add Frank to our Paperfilms group. We have been friends and have worked together for years, and take great pride adding someone with such incredible talent and diversity. This seemed like the most natural thing to do, especially after adding Captain Brooklyn to our roster of projects coming out of Paperfilms this year. Franks experience in comics and video games gives us just another opportunity to expand the creative end of our business.

Justin Gray weighs in with:

The best thing about Paperfilms is collaborating with people you not only respect for their work and creativity, but can also call friends. I’ve known Frank for many years and it’s great to see his talent added to the Paperfilms family.

And, lastly, the official press release:

Frank Tieri is an award winning writer working in comics, video games, animation and television. He has writen for Marvel's top selling fighting game of all time-- MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3-- as well as its follow-up, ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3. He is also a writer for the upcoming ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN cartoon.

In comics, he is probably best known for his nearly 3 year run on WOLVERINE and has also worked on some of the biggest franchises in the industry including X-MEN, IRON MAN, DEADPOOL, HULK, SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, PUNISHER & THE AVENGERS for Marvel, BATMAN, THE OUTSIDERS & JSA for DC and THE DARKNESS for TOP COW. He has also been involved in many of the comic industry’s biggest events, such as Marvel’s CIVIL WAR, WORLD WAR HULK DARK REIGN & FEAR ITSELF for Marvel and DC’s COUNTDOWN and BATMAN RIP.

So join us in welcoming Frank to the ranks, for what is sure to be a fruitful creative union! More info to come on exactly what he'll be doing as things get cookin', but there's the upcoming CAPTAIN BROOKLYN for starters, so stay tuned!

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