Monday, April 16, 2012

'Before Watchmen' art montage at New Frontiersman site

In the wake of the DC Comics BEFORE WATCHMEN panel at this past weekend's C2E2 show, the digital comics news forums have begun latching onto the first released bit of interior art released from the project. Cannily fueling the fans' appetites by providing a mere crumb of visual information, DC has assembled a montage piece featuring representative artwork from all of the minis involved in the series and I have to admit that it all looks rather good. Of direct interest to this blog's readers is of course the participation of our Amanda Conner as the artist and co-writer (with the renowned Darwyn Cooke) on SILK SPECTRE. A.C.'s rendering of an adolescent Laurie Juspeczyk, the future second generation Silk Spectre, wistfully lamenting her lack of "assets" in the mirror as she models what appear to be her mother's crime-fighting togs, can be seen in the lower righthand corner. Unfortunately, what you see here is about as large of an image as you're going to get for now, so further patience is required. (I took this document, cropped it to isolate Amanda's art and hoped it would open up to a somewhat larger scale, but no dice.)

To see the montage piece in context with further snippets of the pre-release hype, I steer you toward DC's NEW FRONTIERSMAN website, which looks like a site that bears keeping an eye on if you're intrigued by what's to come. (One word of advice: When checking out the site, which resembles and old newspaper's front page, look for any words and/or phrases that appear to be highlighted, and be sure to click on them to access the hidden goodies.)

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