Friday, April 13, 2012

Digital 'Ame-Comi Girls' reunites Conner, Palmiotti and Gray

(Art by Amanda Conner)

If there's one thing I know with the same certainty of the fact that the sky exists, it's that Amanda Conner can draw the hell out of Wonder Woman. Thus, her involvement as the artist on the WW segment of DC's upcoming digital series AME-COMI GIRLS comes as a no-brainer. Aiding and abetting the project are co-scribes Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, who, with A.C. as the pencil jock, formed the team that made POWER GIRL a celebrated cult hit, so this project can be seen as a reunion of a successful creative confluence that turns them loose once more to do what they do best: craft a fun, beautifully illustrated comic featuring one of comics' signature kickass characters (albeit as reinterpreted through an "American manga" visual aesthetic).

AME-COMI GIRLS gets rolling in May, but you can read more details about it here.

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