Monday, March 5, 2012

Comic Vine asks the burning question: "Why are so many villains doctors?"

One of the joys of being a comics fan/geek is the clinical examination of all manner of minutia involving imaginary spandex-clad heroes and antagonists, questions that to us are legitimate queries that help us further and more deeply understand the four-color mythoepoetic dreamscape, while the general public looks at us and our pondering of such matters like we've just spontaneously grown an extra head. Undaunted by the sneering disdain of the "norms," we continue to ask these questions, and COMIC VINE approached a number of comic biz notables — including our ever-loquacious Jimmy Palmiotti — at the Long Beach Comic Con back in October for answers to the question of exactly why so many villains in comics are doctors.

Jimmy Palmiotti: acclaimed and prolific scripter, inker and comics pundit.

The answers run the gamut from semi-academic to amusing and back again, so head here to see and hear what the guys have to say on this vital issue of the day.

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