Monday, March 19, 2012

Amanda Conner and the fine art of depicting the act of making a grunt biscuit

For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing our Amanda Conner personally, one of the most refreshing things about her is that she possesses a sense of humor that readily and shamelessly veers toward the lavatorial. When I first saw the above cover to one of her convention sketchbooks some years ago, it did not surprise me in the least and I was glad to see this aspect of her madness finally given free rein in a venue where no corporate overlords could bent out of shape over it. And really, what is there to get bent out of shape about? Everybody — and I do mean EVERYBODY — more often than not has to let a brown otter slide into the pond, so it's an experience that we all share and understand. Perhaps it's unusual to see a well-known comics character depicted in the act of snipping off a length of dirty spine, but therein lies the fun of such imagery. (I, however, could do without witnessing Ben Grimm taking the Browns to the Superbowl, so please keep that in mind, o aspiring cartoonists.)

Anyway, A.C. has her share of well-deserved fans, and while scouring the Internet ether for items related to the various Paperfilms reprobates, I encountered a very amusing thread that discusses the Vampirella-on-the-bowl cover in a certain amount of detail before branching out to address the arts' considerable shying away from the fecal aspect of the human experience and attempting to analyze (heh, "anal") just why the majority of the general populace is so hung up about it. A true must-read, click here to to see what happens when the fans hit the...well, you know.

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