Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A wee taste of Moritat

All-Star-Western debuts on September 28th, returning co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray to the down-and-dirty horse opera landscape bestrode by uglier-than-a-hungover-lamprey bounty hunter/western badass Jonah Hex, and along for the ride is artist Moritat, who brings a crisp and evocative visual flavor to the proceedings. Check out this wee taste of his artwork. (Click on the page to embiggen.)

Gorgeous, no? And while the gray tones will be present in the published work, they serve as a richly textured accent when the pages are colored by Gabriel Bautista, though the first issue will be rendered in a mood-setting sepia. Rest assured, you can expect the same high standards brought to the character during the recent critically-acclaimed Jonah Hex run, only with new creative ground to be broken and more deserving motherless rat bastards being ushered to an early dirt-nap in old Gotham by Hex. It's the kind of thing that just warms one's heart.

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