Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palmiotti and Gray discuss 'The Ray' at Newsarama

Over at Newsarama, Jimmy and Justin enlighten the curious on their plans with their upcoming take on the Ray, a character who first debuted back in 1940 under the Quality Comics imprint and has enjoyed a handful of reinterpretations since being acquired by DC Comics during the early 1970's. Among other intriguing bits of information, the co-writers reveal:
  • During their previous Freedom Fighters runs, they were extrapolating from character notes written by Grant Morrison. The upcoming series allows them to start from scratch with an all-new re-thinking, which is only appropriate for DC's current "DCnU" company-wide reboot.
  • The tone of the series will reflect that found in works like Power Girl and Terra, namely "a ton of action and such...but we are looking at a character that deals with light...so we are keeping the book away from the really dark and angry and going more towards the fun and fast paced."
  • The series is being written to the strengths of artist Jamal Igle, whose stunning work on Supergirl garnered no small amount of critical acclaim and fan kudos
There's a lot more discussed in the interview, and it can all be found here.

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