Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cape Town Community cites 'All-Star Western' #5 as "Book of the Week"

All-Star Western scores another bullseye as Cape Town Community names it "book of the week." This review is also notable for shining a portion of its quite favorable spotlight on the backup feature, The Barbary Ghost, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and gorgeously illustrated by Phil (Wonder Woman: Amazonia) Winslade.

The Barbary Ghost, as brought to evocative visual life by Phil Winslade.

(A word to the wise from the Buncheman: If you're the type who usually skips backup features, in the case of The Barbary Ghost, you'll be missing a brutal western tale of revenge told from the Chinese immigrant point of view. Trust me, it's a damned good read, and believe me when I state that I'm a total bitch when it comes to my appraisals of the comics I read.)

Cape Town Community's review can be read here.

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